Acceptance Policy

All items will be inspected at drop-off to ensure the highest quality for our shoppers. Only clean items in working condition will be accepted. Prior to drop-off all items must be properly tagged with your consignor ID number, barcode and price. Untagged items will not be sold. Clothing must be separated by gender and size prior to drop-off. To aid in transportation of large clothing quantities, it may help to rubber-band like sizes together. If you have any questions about a particular item please contact us!

We Accept

  • Seasonal children's clothing (Preemie - 14 boys and 14 girls)
  • Seasonal jackets
  • Winter coats (Fall sale only)
  • Juniors clothing (must be Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, American Eagle, Gap, Aeropostale, or Old Navy)
  • Baby equipment, monitors, cribs, car seats (manufactured within the last 5 years & not involved in any sort of car accident), high chairs, strollers, etc.
  • Complete infant/juvenile bedding in sturdy plastic bags such as the original packaging or large zipper bags
  • Toys with any necessary batteries
  • Age appropriate books, video games, videos, and DVD's
  • Stuffed animals/beanie babies (limit 5 per consignor)
  • Up to Date Maternity Clothing
  • Shoes in Excellent (Like New) condition
  • Sports Clothing & Equipment

We will NOT accept the following:

  • Items NOT on wire hangers
  • Overpriced items
  • Clothing that is dated, worn, has stains, missing buttons, or broken zippers.
  • Out of season clothing - Please save these items for the next sale
  • Any item that has been recalled or any toys with missing parts or batteries.
  • Other brands in Junior's Clothing other than those listed above
  • Stuffed animals - unless they are current children's characters or new with tags still attached. (Limit five per consignor)
  • Incomplete bedding sets or bedding not encased in plastic
  • Inflatable items such as swim toys as there is no easy way to check to for leaks or holes
  • Items that are tagged from another sale. All items must be tagged to our specifications. You must start a new tag.

Kidz Shoppe reserves the right to refuse any item that does not meet the Kidz Shoppe Sale Standards.

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