Drop Off Procedure

If you have any questions about drop-off procedures, please contact us prior to your appointment, drop-off is a very busy time, and any questions answered beforehand will only speed up the process.

You MUST have a confirmed drop-off appointment to participate in the Kidz Shoppe Sale. No drop-in's or walk-in's will be accepted due to time constraints.

Drop-off times will vary depending on the number of items you plan to contribute. It is our goal for you to spend less than 30 minutes at your drop-off appointment. Being well organized and prepared with help accomplish this.


It is imperative that you have all of your items sorted by SIZE AND GENDER prior to your appointment. That is have your items separated into Boys 2T, Boys 3T, etc. and Girls 0-3M, Girls 2T, etc. To aid in transporting your items, you may want to rubber band your sorted sizes together so they will stay together during the loading, driving and unloading process.

ALL items must have a barcode affixed to the tag prior to arrival and must adhere to all tagging guidelines. Items cannot be sold if there is no tag attached. Any items tagged without a price, will have a price determined by Kidz Shoppe.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact us prior to your drop-off appointment.


  1. Please check in at our check-in table. At this time we will verify your consignor number and drop-off time. After verification, a volunteer will direct you to a drop-off table.
  2. At the drop-off table, a volunteer will check your items for properly formatted and applied tags, and will also ensure that all items fit the Kidz Shoppe acceptance policy. Please do not be offended if any item is returned to you, we want to provide the highest quality for our customers.
  3. Check-Out. After all of your items have been put away, you may proceed to the check-out table. A volunteer will have you sign our disclosure agreement if not previously signed during online registration and give you your passes for the consignor Pre-Sale Spectacular! You are permitted to bring 1 guest to the Pre-Sale.