Item Tagging

Kidz Shoppe utilizes a barcode system to allow for a fast check-out experience and to provide an accurate account of your sales. Each consignor is issued a unique barcode tied to their ID number, upon registration. Your barcode must be on all of your tags.  If you have consigned with Kidz Shoppe in the last 6 months you may use your previous consignor number.

How to Create Tags

We allow two methods for creating price tags - print at home or receive barcode labels via USPS. Our recommended method is using our template to print at home. During registration, please select which method you will use. All tags will be inspected during your drop off appointment. Any items that are improperly tagged will have to be redone on your time. Please email us with any questions.

Supplies Needed

  • 3x5 white index cards -OR- 65lb minimum white cardstock
  • Safety pins at least 1 inch in size (NO straight pins or small gold safety pins)
  • Blue or Black Pen or Marker if doing tags by hand
  • Plastic zip-lock baggies (for toys with small parts)
  • Packing tape (for attaching tags to toys, books etc.)
  • Zip-ties, string or ribbon (to tie shoes together)
Wire Hangers -  ask a dry cleaner and they will usually give you some (quantity depends on individual location), they can be purchased on Amazon and locally from Monaghan Corporation - 8921 H Street (Open M- F 8 a - 4:30 p).   Call them ahead and they will have ready for you.
Safety pins can be purchased from Monaghan Corporation, Amazon, Walmart, Hobby Lobby.

Method 1 - Print at Home

Registration Fee: $10

After registration, you will be emailed a pdf that includes a tag template with your unique consignor ID barcode and a sheet of barcodes. Choose to print each tag individually on 3x5 index cards, 4 at a time on 65lb minimum cardstock, or print the barcodes on 0.5" x 0.75" labels and place them on 3x5 index cards following the proper format. We recommend Avery® Template 5267. Details instructions provided via email.

Tag Template

Method 2 - Barcodes Mailed

Registration Fees
2 Sheets of Labels (160): $15
4 Sheets of Labels (320): $20

If you choose this method, barcode labels will be printed and mailed to you. Use only 3x5 index cards and write legibly. Fill out cards following the diagram and place one barcode sticker in the upper left portion of the tag, leaving enough room at the top for the safety pin.

Tag Layout

Additional Information


Please be as specific as possible in case your tag gets separated from your item. This could aid in pairing them back together and ensuring you get your money for the item

ND - No Discount

This is optional. If you choose to put ND in the bottom right corner of the tag, the item will not be discounted at the 1/2 Price Sale.


Determine your own prices. Please note, items priced too high may be turned away at drop-off.

How to Attach Tags


All clothing must be on wire hangers. Dry cleaners will give you hangers if you ask. The hanger hook should point to the left, and the tag should be safety pinned on the right shoulder when facing the item. Tops and bottoms under size 10 paired together as sets tend to sell better than separate items, so match things up when possible. Pin sets securely together by hanging the shirt first, then turning the hanger over, and pinning the pants by the waist to the backside of the hanger, using two pins, with the pin catching the hanger to support the pants. Both pieces can be viewed without unpinning them, and this prevents lost items.

On larger clothing items, such as maternity or dresses, please secure them with safety pins if they have a tendency to fall off the hanger. Your items won't sell if they're on the floor.

Pants or shorts sold alone should be pinned at the waist by folding it over the hanger. A great way to keep pants from sliding all over the hanger is to use paper-covered dry cleaner's hangers. They don't slide and stay neat-looking, which in turn makes them sell better.

Check out tagging demonstration videos to learn more.

Non-Hanging Items

Shoes: May be tied together with string or ribbon shoelaces tied together, safety pinned through lace holes, or place in a ziploc bag with the card taped to the OUTSIDE of the bag and with the bag taped at the top to insure that your items stay together. Check out shoe tagging demonstration to learn more.

Large Items: Please make sure the price tag is securely attached to your item. Packing tape or pinning a card through ribbon and attaching are the best options.

Items with small parts: Small parts should be contained in a ziplock bag and attached securely to any large item to ensure no missing parts.

Toys: Make sure the price tag is securely attached to your item. Packing tape or pinning a card through ribbon and attaching are the best options. Toys that require batteries should be in working condition. No one will purchase an item if they cannot see that it works. Items without batteries will NOT be accepted.

Books and Videos: Please do not use packing tape on books and videos, since it usually tears the cover. Make sure that videos work, and secure tag with two pieces of scotch tape, or put in ziplock bags. If packaging multiples together in bags, please write all titles on the tag.

Assembly Required: Items that require assembly must be assembled on-site or prior to drop-off. Please make sure we know how to disassemble so we may let any potential buyer know. Make sure to bring any tools you may require for assembly.

Additional Instructions: Anything put into a ziplock bag must have the tag taped to the outside of the bag, and the bag taped shut, this will ensure that your items are not separated.

When in Doubt, ASK!   Feel free to email us with any questions.

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