Unsold Items and Pickup

Pickup Day


All items MUST be picked up on Sunday between 10am - 2pm at The Omaha Sports Complex or they will be donated. If there is a conflict with your schedule or other extenuating circumstances, please contact us to make special pick-up arrangements

Collecting Unsold Items

Items will be sorted by consignor number within each section. You will go to each station and check for your pre-sorted items. It may help to bring a large plastic container with you to carry your unsold items home.

All sales are final and Kidz Shoppe is not responsible for lost or stolen goods. We are also not responsible for unsold items due to lost tags. We will have a designated area for items with lost tags, it is your responsibility to check to see if any items in the area belong to you. Once pick-up is over, all items remaining will be donated.

Receiving Payment

Your sales profits will be ready during pick-up.

After picking up your unsold items, you may proceed to the payment table where you will sign your pick-up disclosure and your funds will be disbursed. If you do not collect your unsold items, they will be donated, and we will mail you a check and donation slip within 48 business hours.

Unable to Pickup

If you are unable to pick-up your unsold items during the designated time, you MUST send a replacement to pick-up your funds along with your items. Please send a note in writing, letting us know it is okay to release your unsold merchandise and your money. You will also want to reference your consignor ID number to help your friend/family member find your items.

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