Consignor Guidelines


Consignor Guidelines

  1. If you are interested in becoming a consignor with Kidz Shoppe, you must complete online registration  ASAP as registration will close WHEN FULL but no later than SEPT 3RD!  We do fill up quickly so please register ASAP. We make every effort to accommodate our consignors with convenient drop-off appointments. Please be understanding if you do not get your first or second drop-off time choice, these appointments are first come first served. Space is limited!
  2. You must have a minimum of 40 items per consignor to participate. You cannot combine your items with another consignor.
  3. Clothing items must be clean and pressed if necessary and up to date. Items with stains, missing buttons, holes, worn knees, or broken zippers, or out of current styles will not be accepted for the sale. All items will be inspected.
  4. Toy and other items must be in working condition with batteries if necessary. All items must be clean and have all pieces included. Large items (i.e. cribs, strollers, etc.) must be fully assembled by the consignor prior to or at drop-off. (Please bring any tools necessary for assembly) Again, all items will be inspected.
  5. Consignors will receive 70% of their sales, less a $15.00 consignor fee. The consignor fee will be deducted from your total sales.
  6. Consignors will receive a shopping pass to shop the Pre-Sale Spectacular on SEPT 12TH from 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm. If you want to be the first to shop, check out our volunteer page for details on how to get in to the Pre-Sale Spectacular even earlier!!
  7. Kidz Shoppe utilizes a bar-coding system to allow for much faster check-out times and an extremely accurate account of your sales. The barcode is a sticker we print and provide to you. It needs to be placed in the top left corner of your item tags. A barcode must be affixed to ALL of your items prior to your drop-off appointment. The barcodes may be picked up anytime after your consignor number has been confirmed and your drop-off appointment has been scheduled. Please e-mail Amy for directions@
  8. We will not accept items that are tagged from a different sale. You cannot adjust the tag to meet our standards, you MUST start a brand new tag.

Special Note to All Consignors: Although we love having our consignors volunteer, it is not necessary for Kidz Shoppe Consignors to volunteer to pick-up their unsold merchandise at the close of the sale.

Special Note to Previous Consignors: Previous consignors may keep their current consignor number, however, they must confirm their registration by MARCH 13TH. If you miss the deadline to confirm, you will need to register and possibly receive a new consignor number. This must be completed by AUGUST 20TH.

What a fun and easy way to make some extra money! ~Sheri S.

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Accepted Items

Acceptance Policy: All items will be inspected at drop-off to ensure the highest quality. Prior to drop-off all items must be properly tagged with your consignor id #, barcode and price. Untagged items will not be sold. Clothing must be separated by gender and size prior to drop-off. To aid in transportation of large clothing quantities, it may help to rubber-band like sizes together. If you have any questions about a particular item please contact us!

For the FALL 2017 Sale we will accept the following:

  • Fall/winter Children's clothing (Preemie - 14 boys and 14 girls)
  • Lightweight jackets
  • Winter coats (Fall sale)
  • Juniors Clothing (following brands:  Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, American Eagle, Gap, Aeropostale, & Old Navy will be the ONLY BRANDS ACCEPTED)
  • Baby equipment, monitors, cribs, car seats (manufactured within the last 5 years & not involved in any sort of car accident), high chairs, strollers, etc.
  • Infant/Juvenile bedding in sturdy plastic bags (like the bags bedding is sold in retail stores) 
  • Toys (must have necessary batteries), books, video games, videos, DVD's (no rated R items will be accepted)
  • Stuffed animals/beanie babies (limit 5 per consignor)
  • Up to Date Maternity Clothing (limit 10 per consignor)
  • Shoes in Excellent (Like New) condition
  • Sports Clothing & Equipment
  • Everything must be CLEAN & in WORKING CONDITION

We will NOT accept the following:

  • Items NOT on wire hangers
  • Items priced TOO HIGH!
  • Clothing that is dated, worn, has stains, missing buttons, or broken zippers.
  • Spring/Summer Items - Please save these items for the Spring Sale.
  • Any item that has been recalled or any toys with missing parts or batteries.
  • Other brands in Junior's Clothing other than those listed above
  • Please do not include items that are questionable or that you would not purchase yourself.
  • Stuffed animals - unless they are current children's characters or new with tags still attached. (Limit five per consignor)
  • Bedding sets that are not complete.  They need to be encased in sturdy plastic (such as the zippered bags it is originally packaged in)
  • We cannot accept "blow up" items such as swim toys. There is no way to check to make sure the item does not leak or have a hole.
  • Items that are tagged from another sale. All items must be tagged to our speciications. You must start a NEW tag.

Kidz Shoppe reserves the right to refuse any item that does not meet with the Kidz Shoppe Sale Standards.

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Cleaning Tips

Clothing Tips:

  • Biz - great for all types of stains - soaking clothing in a sink with water and a lot of Biz is the first treatment for most stains. Great for stained shoe laces and cuffs. Just soak and then wash as directed the washer. On white fabrics, Clorox bleach on a toothbrush is good spot remover.
  • Goop - hand cleaner - good for grease - goes on without water - apply liberally and let sit, then put in regular wash cycle. Has been found to remove stains from clothes that were washed and dried with a crayon. Found at Wal-Mart and hardware stores.
  • Mother's Miracle - cleaning solution new mothers can't do without! Great for spit-up, urine, blood, etc. Found at Baby Superstore.
  • Carbona Stain Remover - various solutions for many types of fabric - the rust solution is a very good one. Found at Kroger and many other stores.
  • Tilex - great for mildew stains on white fabrics. Remember, it is a bleach! Must be used carefully, especially on colored fabrics. On whites, spray on and let sit - just rinse if blue spots occur. On colored fabrics, it's easy to cause bleach spots, but carefully spray on and rinse quickly. Using tilex on colored fabrics is really a last resort.
  • Rit Dye color remover - another last resort, but can be effective. Follow the directions carefully. On small stained areas, it is easier to use the stove-top method, but for larger loads, use the washer.
  • Hot Water - is great for kool-aid and jello-type stains. Hold fabric taunt and pour from a height. Soak or repeat if necessary. Comes out every time!
  • Krud Kutter - found at Home Depot and Wal-Mart in the paint section. Great for clothing stains, however, do not let it sit on clothes long, it will cause bleeding between fabric colors and can cause yellowing!

Shoes and Toys:

  1. White oxford-type shoes: Use a spray preparation solution (found at shoe stores) on scuffs and marks. For scratches that have taken off the original color, use shoe spray. Instead of spraying directly on the shoe, causing a caked-on look, spray onto wax paper. Then dab at the scratch with a foam paintbrush. This will give a smoother finish. Don't forget to soak the laces in Biz while you're doing this!
  2. Oops - latex paint remover - great for getting all kinds of stains, marks, and stickers off plastic toys. If the toy is made of thin plastic, test a small area before cleaning. On most thick plastic such as Little Tikes toys, Oops will take off scratches, scuffs, crayon, pen, pencil, etc. On stubborn marks, use steel wool. Will also take crayon off chalk boards without damaging the finish. Wear rubber gloves. Found at Wal-Mart and hardware stores.
  3. Power wheels - local repair stores have decals - you can clean fuses and switches with a Q-tip and alcohol
  4. 800 Numbers to order parts:

    • Little Tikes - 1(800) 321-0183
    • Power Wheels - 1(800) 348-0751
    • Fisher Price - 1(800) 432-5437
    • PlaySkool - 1(800) 752-9755

    Some helpful web sites for getting out stains:

    Disclaimer: Kidz Shoppe is in no way endorsing the use of any of the above products (name brands) or methods. These are tips used by myself and other individuals that have worked. Follow manufacturer instructions for use and check the care label of your garments. We are in no way liable for damage done to any piece of merchandise as a result of the use of tips on our web site.

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Drop-Off Procedures

If you have any questions about drop-off procedures, please contact us prior to your appointment, drop-off is a very busy time, and any questions answered before hand will only speed up the process.

You MUST have a confirmed drop-off appointment to participate in the Kidz Shoppe Sale. No drop-in's or walk-in's will be accepted due to time constraints.

Drop-off times will vary depending on the number of items you plan to contribute, however, it is our goal to have you spend no more than 30 minutes at your drop-off appointment. (that is if you are well organized and arrive prepared)


It is imperative that you have all of your items sorted by SIZE AND GENDER prior to your appointment. That is have your items separated into Boys 2T, Boys 3T, etc. and Girls 0-3M, Girls 2T, etc. To aid in transporting your items, you may want to rubber band your sorted sizes together so they will stay together during the loading, driving and unloading process.

ALL items must have a barcode affixed prior to the tag prior to arrival and must adhere to all tagging guidelines. Items cannot be sold if there is no tag attached, also, items that are tagged without a price, will have a price determined by Kidz Shoppe.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact us prior to your drop-off appointment.


1. Please check in at our check-in table. At this time we will verify your consignor number and drop-off time. After verification, a volunteer will direct you to a drop-off table.

2. At the drop-off table, a volunteer will check your items for properly applied tags and barcodes, they will also insure that all items fit the Kidz Shoppe acceptance policy. Please do not be offended if any item is returned to you, we want to insure the highest quality for our sale. The volunteer will then assist you in putting all your items away. You may not move to check-out until all of your items are put away.

3. Check-Out. After all of your items have been put away, you may proceed to the check-out table. A volunteer will have you sign our disclosure agreement and give you your passes for the consignor Pre-Sale Spectacular! You will be permitted to bring 1 guest to the Pre-Sale.

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Unsold Items Pick-Up & Payment

All items MUST be picked up Sunday, Sept 17th between 10am - 2pm or they will be donated. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

We are at the mercy of our location as to the time that we must be out of the building, therefore, if there is a conflict with your church schedule or other extenuating circumstances, please call Amy to make special pick-up arrangements

Pick-Up will be held at The Omaha Sports Complex.

Items will be sorted by consignor number within each section. You will go to each station and check for your pre sorted items. It may help to bring a large plastic container with you to carry your unsold items home.

All sales are final and Kidz Shoppe is not responsible for lost or stolen goods. We are also not responsible for unsold items due to lost tags. We will have a designated area for items with lost tags, it is your responsibility to check to see if any items in the area belong to you. Once pick-up is over, all items remaining will be donated.

Your sales profits will be ready during pick-up.

After picking up your unsold items, you may proceed to the payment table where you will sign your pick-up disclosure and your funds will be disbursed.

If you are unable to pick-up your unsold items during the designated time, you MUST send a replacement to pick-up your funds along with your items. Please send a note in writing, letting us know it is okay to release your unsold merchandise and your money. You will also want to reference your consignor id# to help your friend/family member find your items.

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Consignor Agreement

All consignors are required to sign the Kidz Shoppe Consignor Agreement.

To save time during drop-off, you may download the consignor agreement here, sign it, and bring it with you to your drop-off appointment.

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Kidz Shoppe is the original and best kids consignment sale in West Omaha, and has been serving Omaha since 1999. We have earned a very strong reputation with our shoppers, consignors and volunteers. Come see the "best" in gently-used children's clothing, nursery items, shoes, baby equipment, juvenile furniture, outside playground equipment, books, videos, DVDs, CDs, software, toys and more! The selection is beyond belief!!


Please note: Emails will not be answered during the week of the sale due to preparations for and the sale itself.


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