Drop Off Procedure

You MUST have a confirmed drop-off time to participate in the Sale. In the event you need to make a change, log in to the portal to change your drop-off time, based on availability.


One Trip/Check in per person.  Larger furniture type items MAY BE BROUGHT in an additional trip with the approval of Management.  Otherwise, bring your best stuff.  If you find you have more than "one trip" please let us know at check in.  We will be keeping a list and we can add you to it.  Sunday evening we will review floor inventory, space, and the number of "check-ins" on Monday.  If we find that we have additional space we will contact those consignors to bring additional, approved items on Monday.


If you have any questions about this process, please contact us prior to your drop-off appointment.



It is imperative that you have all of your items sorted by SIZE AND GENDER prior to your appointment. Please have your items separated into Boys 2T, Boys 3T, etc. and Girls 0-3M, Girls 2T, etc.

ALL items must have a barcode affixed to the tag prior to arrival and must adhere to all tagging guidelines. Items are not able to be sold if there is no tag attached.



  1. Please check in at our check-in table. At this time we will verify your consignor information and drop-off time and provide you your pass for the Pre-Sale Spectacular.  You are permitted to bring 1 guest to the Pre-Sale.
  2. Items not pinned or tagged correctly will be your responsibility to "fix" prior to check-in.  If necessary, we will direct you to the appropriate area.  Once items have been pinned and tagged correctly, a volunteer will then direct you to a drop-off table.
  3. At the drop-off table, a volunteer will check your items for properly completed and applied tags and to ensure they meet our standards. Please do not be offended if any item is returned to you, we want to provide the highest quality for our customers.
  4. You are required to put your items out (in the proper locations) on the floor following check-in, please plan accordingly.



Each Consignor will receive a sales update email after the sale ends each evening, usually around 9 – 10 pm.  Please check your junk folder and mark us as a safe sender so these emails get to you.  Email will contain the number of items sold by the consignor and the TOTAL gross $ of the items sold.  Subsequent emails will contain your updated totals as the sale progresses.

Example Below:



You have sold 364 items totaling $1294 (gross) to date.

Your net total will be calculated at the end of the sale.

Thank You,

Kidz Shoppe


Following the end of the sale, the email will contain the number of items sold, total sales $,  Consignor %, and Calculated Payment so you know exact amount of your check.

Example Below: