Registration Cost & Fees

Option 1 - Print at Home

Registration Fee: $20

After registration, you will receive an email confirmation with instructions.  Consignors will log in to the portal where you will be able to print from multiple tag/label templates with your unique consignor ID barcode. Choose to print each tag individually on 3x5 index cards, 4 at a time on 65lb minimum cardstock, or print the barcodes on 0.5" x 0.75" labels and place them on 3x5 index cards following the proper format. We recommend Avery® Template 5267, Avery 5167 or Avery 5967. Detailed instructions are on our website.  You will earn 70% of total sales.  You may earn more by volunteering.  Click here to see volunteer benefits.


Option 2 - Barcodes Mailed (Includes $20 Registration Fee)**

2 Sheets of Labels (160 ct): $25

4 Sheets of Labels (320 ct): $30

6 Sheets of Labels (480 ct): $35

If you choose this method, barcode labels will be printed and mailed to you. Use only 3x5 index cards and write legibly. Fill out cards following the diagram and place one barcode sticker in the upper left portion of the tag, leaving enough room at the top for the safety pin. You will earn 70% of total sales.  You may earn more by volunteering. Click here to see volunteer benefits.   

**Option UNAVAILABLE  approximately 10 days prior to sale registration closing to ensure timely arrival of labels.